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The question is why become a member of a church when it is easier to simply come and go and attend any church as you feel like, and be responsible for nothing?

Many benefits accrue to people who are members of a church. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Commitment: Christianity is a relationship-based religion. You have to become a member of the Body of Christ (i.e., the universal church) to be covered by the grace that Jesus Christ gave to the church. The gift is to the church, not to individuals or freelancers. Even the gifts of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 12:1-31) are to the church. You have to belong to a church in order to become eligible to partake or receive these gifts and live in the grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  2. Protection through Spiritual Authority: The most fundamental spiritual principle is the principle of spiritual authority. God established and honors the principle of spiritual authority. Spiritual authority is a top-down approach, whereby a shepherd, as the overseer, is given the custodianship of the congregation (the sheep.) In this sense, the Pastor is a shepherd and the members of the church are the sheep. The intercessions of the Pastor which are specifically targeted at his/her congregation are for those who are members of that church congregation. A freelancer is not protected or covered by any spiritual authority. A freelancer is sheep with no shepherd.
  3. Safety Net: Once in a while people come to our church asking for help. One of the questions we ask them before we render any help is Where is your church? Have you asked your church for help? Every time this happens we realize that they belonged to no church. Although our prayer and hope is for every member of our church to be strong and prosperous, it is possible that people may need help at some point in their lives. Church members can easily find the help they need from their church.
  4. Friendship: The best friends you could ever make as a God-fearing person are in the church. Friends from church would share same doctrines and values with you, and provide you with spiritual support. According to the Bible in Proverbs 27:17, iron shappeneth iron.
  5. Opportunities to Serve: Church membership provides you with the framework, the platform, and opportunities to help others and make a difference. You can belong to different functional groups in the church, and use that platform to make a difference somewhere.
  6. Personal Development: Membership in any genuine church can help you to achieve discipleship, spiritual development, and all round growth. You can learn things in church that can help you in your job and in life. You will also experience constant growth in your life spiritually and relationally and more.

For membership in RCCG Restoration Springs, ask any member, usher, minister, or the Pastor for a copy of the one-page, easy to fill-out membership form.

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